Who says omni
has to be so hard?

Not us. Check out this practical—yet comprehensive—guide to omnichannel experiences. Then define omniCX for your brand on your terms.

The ultimate guide to omnichannel experiences

Why read this ebook?

Omnichannel retailing isn’t just for retailers. If your business is restaurant, grocery, convenience, travel + entertainment, services, or any B2C combination, customers are experiencing your brand across multiple channels—including location, online, contact center, social, and more. And omnichannel retailing is radically changing the ways customers and brands interact. When implemented successfully, omnichannel retailing:

smg-pux-arrow-blaze.jpg Provides multiple touchpoints for customers to connect with a brand
smg-pux-arrow-blaze.jpg Delivers a more personalized customer experience
smg-pux-arrow-blaze.jpg Gives brands a wealth of customer data they can leverage to make better business decisions

What’s inside:

We’ll show how CX surveys can be used most effectively in a
changing omnichannel retail environment. The content includes:

Overview of omnichannel retailing and analysis of the forces driving it

Exploration of the way omnichannel retailing is changing the dynamics between retailers and customers

Recommendations for how to get the most value from CX surveys in an evolving omnichannel landscape

Trends, best practices, worst practices, and simple guardrails for providing exceptional omni experiences

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